Different Methods to Stop Snoring

Often, it is obese individuals that are the ones suffering from snoring. The main reason that this is so is because the more weight you have on yourself, the more weight as gained around the neck. When there is an excessive amount of weight on your neck your airways are being more constricted, causing you to snore. This is not always the case. Some individuals of normal weight suffer from snoring just the same. One of the main problems that these snorers face is a restricted airway. When you lay on your back, as disturbing as it sounds, your tongue falls back into your throat, restricting the airflow which is causing you to snore.

For so many Americans looking for ways to prevent snoring they are unsure of what really may be effective. There are a lot of options, ranging from hypnosis and acupuncture to strips, to sleeping with an oxygen tank.

Snoring Devices

There are many snoring devices to choose from, however not every snoring device is made the same, according to EMSafety study most snorers choose snoring mouth guard, on this Snorerx review here you can read how that type of mouth guard works, there are also alternative snoring treatments such as hypnosis…


Individuals who are just really hoping to lose this nasty habit have turned to hypnosis. Hypnosis controls your brain and teaches it which muscles to control and will reduce, if not eliminate, snoring. Sometimes hypnosis isn’t even for the sufferer. There is also hypnosis for their partners in order to eliminate how much of the snoring they hear throughout the night.


Acupuncture is the art of inserting tiny needles into the skin to stimulate the brain. These treatments are often inexpensive, with most running roughly 30$ a session. You are often going to come back for a few sessions until you are sure that your snoring has ceased.

Nasal sprays

They also market nasal spray this is told to loosen up your nose and throat muscles which allows you to breathe more easily while sleeping. You spray into your nose before you fall asleep and while you are resting and before you are fully asleep it begins working.

Nasal Strips

These are something that i have used personally. You have tiny strips that will hold your nostrils open from the outside. This will release the pressure on your nose and lifts up your airways enough that the flow of oxygen to your body is less hindered. These will stay in place throughout the night with little to no displacement.

There are many unique ways to try and abolish your snoring. You are more than likely going to have to try a few new things before you get the one that you want and one that works. take your time and understand that you’ve had this a long time, and that it isn’t going to just go away quickly. In the end I’m sure you will be much happier when you do quit snoring.